EB Brands  

Highly Effective
Brand Segmentation Strategy

EB features a strong brand strategy that is focused on Company-owned brands as well as long-term licenses. EB's in-house brands are known by retailers for having high consumer appeal, helping solidify the Company's strong retail relationships. These strong retail brands translate well to consumers, who depend upon retailers to provide high-quality brands. EB's licensed brands, which include Bally Total Fitness, Everlast, Wenger and SwissGear, are some of the most recognizable brands in the travel and fitness categories.

EB avoids channel conflict by using a different brand for each retail category. This multi-brand strategy has successfully enabled the Company to access a broad range of retailers in each of its product areas. EB's brand segmentation strategy is detailed below.




EB Brand Segmentation

Hand Exercise Products

Personal Fitness Monitors

Gift Products

Travel Accessories


Department Stores and Sporting-Goods Retailers

Mass Merchants

Specialty Retailers