EB Brands  


EB designs, supplies, and markets a broad selection of fitness products, gift products, and travel accessories. The company's volume is diverse and balanced among the three business segments. The Company uses strong licensed and internally developed brands as the foundation for its marketing effort. In addition, EB, across all product categories, consistently introduces new products to supplement its already successful product lines. Through its aggressive sourcing and distribution capabilities, EB is able to cost effectively deliver its product to all its channels, thereby generating excellent profitability for the Company. This provides a solid and successful platform year in and year out.

EB's success in the fitness, gift, and travel markets provides an excellent platform for growth. The Company has proven its ability to grow through introducing new products in its existing categories as well as improvements in its existing products. In addition, EB has the sourcing, marketing, and distribution expertise to enter virtually any high margin, consumer products niche category.