EB Brands  


Everlast®, Sportline and Pineapple
Resistance Tubing
Purchased After March 2010.

Embossed on the handle: "2404"; "2001 EB Sport Group";
"Made in China"; and either no number, or the following numbers:

J90, J91, J92, J93, J94, J95, J96, J97, J98, J99,

J100, J101, J102, J103, J104, J105, J106, J107, J108, J109,
J110, J111, J112, J113, J114, J115, J116, J117, J118, J119
J120, J121, J122, J123, J124, J125, J126, J127, J128, J129
J130, J131, J132, J133, J134, J135, J136, J137, J138, J139
J140, J141, J142, J143, J144, J145, J146, J147, J148, J149
J150, J151, J152, J153, J154, J155, J156, J157, J158, J159
J160, J161, J162, J163, J164, J165, J166, J167, J168, J169
J170, J171, J172, J173, J174, J175, J176, J177, J178, J179
J180, J181, J182, J183, J184, J185, J186, J187, J188, J189
J190, J191, J192, J193, J194, J195, J196, J197, J198, J199

J200, J201, J202, J203, J204, J205, J206, J207, J208, J209,
J210, J211, J212, J213, J214, J215, J216, J217, J218, J219
J220, J221, J222, J223, J224, J225, J226, J227, J228, J229
J230, J231, J232, J233, J234, J235, J236, J237, J238, J239
J240, J241, J242, J243, J244, J245, J246, J247, J248, J249
J250, J251, J252, J253, J254, J255, J256, J257, J258, J259
J260, J261, J262, J263, J264, J265, J266, J267, J268, J269
J270, J271, J272, J273, J274, J275, J276, J277, J278, J279
J280, J281, J282, J283, J284, J285, J286, J287, J288, J289
J290, J291, J292, J293, J294, J295, J296, J297, J298, J299

and J300.

The handle may break while in use, causing the tubing
and remaining part of the handle to strike the user.

resistance stretch tubing

To receive a replacement product or refund, call EB Brands toll free
between 9 AM and 5 PM (ET), Monday to Friday at
or contact their website at: www.ebbrands.com

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