EB Brands  

Value-Added Marketing

EB has proven expertise in merchandising and packaging that enables the Company to provide value added services to its retail customers. The Company features a 12-person, in-house art department based in Yonkers, New York that works to create strong merchandising and packaging designed to maximize sell-through for its products at the retail level. The Company's art department enables it to tailor its packaging for individual customer accounts, providing differentiation from other retailers.

Further, the Company's expertise in planogram design and its ability to effectively manage shelf space have resulted in EB taking an active role in product selection, product placement, and display design for many of its retail customers.

EB also provides retailers with numerous value-added merchandising and packaging services such as preassembled fixtures to enable easy setup and display of product and prewrapped gifts during the holiday season. These services allow retailers to simply remove the outer shipping container and have a display of 15 to 20 prewrapped gifts immediately ready for placement on the retail floor. The Company also provides this expertise to travel- and fitness-related retailers, as EB has many prepackaged programs in these segments during the year. These value added merchandising and packaging techniques have been extremely well received by consumers.

Value Added PDQ Display